Jill Vidal Raines, CPCE
Chief Linen Wrangler and Owner

Jill is originally from College Station and moved to Houston when she got a job with Pfizer. She loves that Houston has no zoning laws! EB has such a wide variety of linens, but her favorite has to be the Glacial Block. This linen reminds her of her sons who enjoy their freedom of playing the game Minecraft until fatigued. If Jill was not our Queen of Linens, she would be a Flood Insurance Adjuster or a Prison Inmate. If she could be anywhere in the world, she would be at home or a theme park.

 Fun Fact: 90% of her home furniture is currently inflatable.


Michell Henry
Director of Operations

Michell has lived in the Houston area all her life, having grown up in Aldine. She attended Lone Star College and Sam Houston State University. Michell likes a rustic, elegant look, one of her favorite linens is the Grace Damask! In her free time, you can find her watching her two boys playing baseball and golf, or out on the lake.

Sydney Plas

Director of Sales, Design, and Marketing

Sydney has always lived in central Texas with her hometown being Round Rock. She wanted to move somewhere new and chose Houston which she loves because of all the Mexican restaurants surrounding her apartment. Her favorite linen is the Rose Gold Decadence because of the combination of rose gold and champagne sequins! If she was not a linen expert, she would be a stay at home mom to Rhaegar, her cat. If she could be anywhere in the world, she would be backpacking around Europe.

 Fun Fact: She has hiked in 4 National State Parks and 3 countries.


Courtney Richmond
Senior Office and Design Maestro

As an Air Force kid, Courtney moved around a lot but would call Wichita, Kansas her hometown. She came to Houston because of her husband’s job and loves that there is so much to do here! There are so many great linens, but her favorites are the Crimson Glitz or Cranberry Velvet. Courtney is so caring, so she would be a nanny or a preschool teacher if she was not a linen expert. If she was anywhere in the world, she would be traveling all of Europe with her husband. 

Fun Fact: She loves theater and is the Props Mistress for Centre Stage Theatrical School in Kingwood which puts on awesome shows!


Ashley Anderson
Senior Sales and Design Specialist 

Ashley was born and raised in Huffman in Northeast Houston. She loves the people and southern hospitality in Houston. There are so many linens that she cannot choose one, but for today, the winner is the Emerald Luxury Bark. If she was not a linen expert, she would choose to be a Kardashian because, well, it seems like an easy job. If she could be anywhere in the world, she would be at Hogwarts, so she could have a magical power too.

Fun Fact: She is HIGHLY allergic to tape, and she does not do public speaking - EVER. She fainted once while giving a presentation in high school.

Priyanka Golani
Senior Design and Marketing Specialist 

Priyanka is originally from Mumbai, India, but she moved to Houston 13 years ago since her parents were interested in moving and her mom was offered a job. She loves the Houston diversity. It was really hard to choose just one favorite linen, so she chose two - the Eggplant Pasha and the Plum Velvet. If she was not a linen expert, she would be traveling the world. If she chose one place in the world to be, she would be in the Himalayas spending time with the cute fluffy cows!

Fun Fact: Her personality best relates to Chandler Bing. 

Janie Cuevas
Logistics Manager

Janie was born in New Orleans, Louisiana but has lived in Houston for all her life. She loves the diversity, dining, and things to do in the city. Her favorite linen is the Charcoal Creation. If she was not a linen expert, she would be a personal shopper - just give her your list and a credit card! if she could be anywhere in the world, she would be relaxing on the beach in Seaside, Florida and sipping on a Pina Colada.

Fun Fact: Her pet peeve is dirty dishes left in the sink.


Client Reviews
Elegant Beginnings was wonderful to work with. Very responsive, professional, and reasonable. I highly recommend this vendor.
— Michelle M
Elegant Beginnings has an incredible selection of linens and chair covers! I was able to find colors and fabrics that matched my wedding colors and theme perfectly. I was even able to find... Read more
— Jeannie C

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